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The Grange

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Spectacular Range of Trees and Shrubs

We’ve got several acres of mature and semi-mature trees and shrubs.

Many unique and stunning specimen trees are available, as well as standard, lollipop and pom-pom trees.

Choose from an extensive variety of trees and shrubs for screening and hedging.

Orders can be placed for specific requirement and personal desires.

Horticultural Advice and Assistance

At Grange Growers, there are always qualified professionals on hand for advice on all aspects of gardening.

We can provide guidance on the planting, maintenance and care of plants.

Our trained horticulturists and design team can assist with design ideas and suggestions for all your needs.

Consult us about the correct application of fertilisers and the proper use of chemicals.

Architectural Specimen Plants

Come in to our garden centre and be amazed by our unparalleled collection of elegant and statuesque, tropical, jungly and exotic architectural plants, of which we’ve got young and small to mature and ancient specimens.

We specialise in tree ferns, olive trees, hardy palms, japanese maples, bamboos and topiary.

Hand-picked plants, sourced from locations all over the world, i.e. Japan, Tasmania, Italy.

Pottery and Accessories

We have a substantial variety of pottery to view in our garden centre, or you can order online (soon)!

Our eco-composite collection use organic materials, are ultra-lightweight and simple to handle, are frost-proof and UV resistant, meaning less chance of damage.

The Clayfibre range comes in a variety of colours, are lightweight and frost-resistant and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.